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Unfortunately, many things remain hidden from our eyes because they are simply too small. But these microscopically small worlds hide fascinating views and insights - especially for medicine and science. 

We are constantly working on making these processes visible and comprehensible - using novel and unusual forms of presentation to help the sales force really impress doctors and other healthcare sector entities. It is especially important to be able to showcase a specific solution directly on site in a simple, fast and surprising way. Ideally using everyday technology – a smartphone or tablet is always at hand.

Smart deployment, big impact

The question we asked ourselves for the display of a special active ingredient was: How can we make the particularities of the active ingredient visible at the molecular level to the naked eye - without a microscope, but still in real life and not merely on a screen?

The solution is a small transparent plastic pyramid which the customer can keep after the conversation, so that they can relive the experience themselves or even show it to colleagues.

This pyramid is placed standing on its tip on a screen of a smartphone or tablet. It projects a greatly enlarged image of the active ingredient into the space above the screen like a hologram. This image can be viewed from all sides and enables an unexpected three-dimensional view around the object – in this case around the cleaning process of the substance.