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Team Management & RMH MEDIA Co-Founder
"It is already difficult for us to describe personal impressions in a universally comprehensible way. This gets even more complex when you want to visualize these personal impressions or even make people experience them. Still, we set out do to exactly this – and implemented it as an app and as a standalone web application."
Prof. Dr. Sina Mostafawy

Our app solution:

From presbyopia to Optimal Natural Vision (ONV) without glasses.

As specialists for intraocular lenses and seasoned experts in lens surgery, 1st Q has developed a dual-lens system (Liberty²) that enables natural vision without glasses for patients with presbyopia. To show the actual improvement in vision brought about by the new lens solution, we had to make presbyopia experiencable – and put it side-by-side with the new lenses to show people how much Liberty² improves vision for presbyopia patients.

At RMH MEDIA we love challenges like this.

Our task was clear: create a virtual experience that introduces users to the topic of presbyopia in an appealing, understandable and, above all, medically correct way. The result is an app that allows users to switch interactively and in real time between different viewing modes: optimal vision, presbyopia, lens exchange monofocal and lens exchange Liberty². This gives them a real impression of how the novel lens works.


Our web application:

Storytelling as an important part of the overall experience

Good stories support understanding. That's why our interactive experience on the website is embedded in an overarching story that goes far beyond a simple virtual representation. The script, which we wrote specifically for this use, accompanies a visitor in real life to a London trade fair on the subject of eye diseases. Alongside familiar London sights, the viewer becomes increasingly immersed in the effects of presbyopia on vision, as well as the improvements provided by the novel lens. Real footage and virtual content merge imperceptibly into an experiential visual Gesamtkunstwerk.