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COVID-19's impact on sales and distribution has further increased the need for flexible digital solutions. The forced switch from face-to-face talks to remote calls (e.g. with Veeva CRM Engage Meeting, IQVIA Remote Detailing, Microsoft Teams) made one thing crystal clear: Communication in virtual rooms operates under different rules and conventions than face-to-face conversations.

Perhapts counterintuitively, surveys in Healthcare & Life Sciences show that during remote calls, both attention and net-conversation time increase by 133% – from an average of 6 min (F2F) to 14 min (remote).

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"Dashboards shine in longer calls and with a more attentive client. They enable the targeted inclusion of additional topics that are of personal interest to the physician, leading to highly individualized, customer-centric calls."
Stefan Bielinski
Concept Design Consultant, RMH MEDIA GmbH

In terms of conversation-strategy, so-called "dashboard slides" give attentive presenters the opportunity to leave a linear conversation flow to focus on topics that their clients show particular interest in."

The term dashboard has a different meaning in eDetailers than in plane cockpits or on IT websites. Instead of displaying flight speed and altitude to steer a plane, eDetailing dashboards are sleekly designed overview slides to steer conversations.

Fictitious dashboard slide about animal health
Fictitious dashboard slide about animal health

Dashboards & Engagement

Dashboards stands out from the design style of regular presentation slides. That's why it is especially important for dashboards to be self-explanatory in terms of UI, UX and design.

There is no specific design style for dashboards. They can be promotional, emotional, or scientific – the goal is to pique the physician's curiosity and make them want to select a topic themselves.

Fiktives Dashboard-Slide im Bereich Animal Health
Fiktives Dashboard-Slide im Bereich Animal Health

From a purely technical point of view, interactive dashboards within the presentation can be regular slides, pop-ups or layers that link to further topics, play audio/video content, open PDFs or even serve to switch to other presentations.

Further uses for dashboards:

  • Segmentation of customers/target groups
  • Visual tables of contents
  • Extension branch(es) for the main navigation path
  • Presentation of campaigns within the campaign
  • Selection of multiple indications

Important tip: Dashboards should not be used as a replacement for a sitemap, which shows all slides of the presentation for quick selection.

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