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Focused on customer needs 

Use insights provided by Veeva Suggestions to develop a deep understanding of your customers' needs and preferences. Analyze suggestions to identify behavioral patterns and trends. 

Personalized interactions 

Fine-tune your customer communication and interactions according to the recommendations. Captured customer data, e.g. through eDetailing, helps to provide personalized offers, content or services.

Effective Communication

Use Veeva Suggestions to ensure your messages are relevant and timely to boost customer engagement.

You can use data from various internal and external sources in Veeva CRM to generate suggestions for your sales force. Integration into marketing automation is also possible. 

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RMH MEDIA Employee
"We use live examples to explain everything clearly and comprehensibly. We are happy to support you with the implementation (in accordance with any global specifications) in your CRM system."
Stefan Bielinski
Concept Design Consultant