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As experienced digital marketing experts we are very aware of the communicative barriers buzzwords create – buzzwords are more concerned with reflecting current marketing trends than being intuitively understandible. That's why it is especially important to us, that our customers, their employees, and other agencies we work closely with understand precisely what we are talking about, and which advantages are gained by using the appropriate marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, the term closed-loop marketing (CLM) is not self-explanatory either, even though it has an exceptional turnaround!

So, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase what a digital marketing partnership means for us.

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Ready for a round in the loop? 

Closed-loop marketing is a marketing strategy that generates new insights with each round – or loop. After a loop, you use these insights to fine-tune your marketing focus, and/or to drill down further and gain even deeper insights in the next loop.

Typically, loops revolve around end customers like physicians. Each loop reveals more information about the customer, which in turn enables you to provide them with just the right information they need. However, you can also employ the loop to optimize other areas, like sales activites and customer targeting.

Your advantage:

Each loop can be as small or as large as you like. This allows you to proceed in a targeted and careful manner with minimal risk.

Let's put it another way: CLM's strength lies in its agile concept and the associated high level of fault tolerance. For the first step, CLM is not based on data, but on intuition and guesswork. Testing your best guesses is precisely what the first loop is for. Wrong guesses are not errors, they are crucial data points which provide important insights for further steps.

You probably know this from detective stories: With each new clue or alibi, you readjust your knowledge and narrow down the possible perpetrators – until you have solved the case.

This "detective work" at the core of CLM is what leads to exciting conclusions via small, low-risk steps, promotes shared learning and significantly improves your marketing efforts.

CLM's advantages

  • Agile technique that delivers important insights in small steps
  • Clear rule framework (dos & don'ts) ensures consistent information architecture
  • Every piece of information is always on-brand, all levels are harmonized
  • In this framework, messages can be written quickly, easily and always in line with brand values
  • The right messages always find their way to the right recipients (analyses and information)
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Which goals do your thoughts revolve around?

Where do you stand? Where do you want to go? How can we help you kickstart your loop?