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Target group-orientated approach

For example: Did you know you can partially automate how your customers are addressed by target group? When you have properly segmented your customer base, each target group can be contacted with specifically tailored storytelling and appropriately customized conversation flows.

Continuous tracking and analysis of these interactions allows you to gain detailed insights how your content is performing for each target group – which you can then use to refine your targeting, and further optimize content and conversation flows.

Using live examples, we explain in a specific, clear and comprehensible way the possible approaches to customer segmentation relevant to your business needs, and how you can easily implement and use them practice.

"But that's not all! We also provide hands-on support by checking your software stack and help you make the necessary changes to your configuration files. Our technical consultants will find workarounds or alternative implementations if needed."
Rolf Gückel
Head of Account Management