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RMH MEDIA Co-Founder

“Enable the full potential of digital marketing without the pitfalls and complexities”

Markus Rößler // Co-Founder

Markus cofounded RMH MEDIA in 1997 – and he's still as full of ideas as on that first day. His superpower? His in-depth knowledge of developments and changes in the marketplace, and his ability to translate this into new ideas. Where things change, new challenges arise – and Markus solves precisely these challenges in his constant quest to improve digital marketing. 🧑‍🚀

Team Management & RMH MEDIA Co-Founder

“The combination of aesthetics, technology and didactics is the driving innovative force in our projects.”

Prof. Dr. Sina Mostafawy // Co-Founder

Sina is one of the founders of RMH MEDIA GmbH and also serves as managing director. He has been teaching computer graphics and computer animation at University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf since 2005. His contribution to innovative digital marketing is in didactically combining aesthetics and technology. 🪐 🚀

Team Management

“To learn something new every day and realize… yup, we can do better!”

Sebastian Richter // CTO

Since 2012, Sebastian has been consistently building development teams that learn from each other and keep challenging themselves – because in that kind of ecosystem, innovation happens all by itself. Software development and team building thrive, when they are steadily improved and refactored to meet new challenges! 💪🏻

Team Management

“Innovation is only made possible by fostering an innovative corporate culture.”

Sarah Richter // CPO/CFO

“What kind of corporate culture is the perfect match for our mission?” – this is a central question for Sarah in her dual roles as managing director and director of human resources. Concepts like New Work and employee benefits are an important starting point, but it is not enough to just design culture on the drawing board – it must be lived and developed, and above all be based on trust, openness and mutual appreciation! ❤️

Meeting room

What's your Mission?

What motivates you? What fuels your innovation drive? What are the core values of your corporate culture? We are looking forward to your answers.