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We all know that developing an idea into an actual product takes a long time.

But how do you actually determine the technical frameworks that best suit your idea? And what role do MVPs play in this?

New projects often operate in a complex environment of networked digital systems. This makes it a real challenge to maintain a technical and organizational overview.

Our solution engineering experts accompany your projects from the initial idea through the concept phase to the finished product. With technical expertise and the necessary grasp of your business, they keep an eye on the big picture and competently guide your project into reality.

What is a realistic outcome and how do we determine this as early as possible in the project timeline?

Using detailed proof-of-concept implementations or MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), we help you bring your idea to market – regardless of whether it is an in-house or white-label solution. With these quick results, even complex problems can be communicated in a simple and understandable way - a clear advantage when it comes to developing a robust foundation for decision-making and getting the entire team involved at an early stage.

Team Management
“Our USP is that we don't stop after concept phase – as experienced software developers, we can immediately implement the solution. This means that concept and implementation come from a single source – a benefit that is particularly noticeable in terms of performance and quality.”
Sebastian Richter

Where our consulting team provides holistic support in developing new ideas to overcome challenges big and small, our solution engineering begins as soon as an initial idea has been formed and rough requirements have been defined. Our Solution Engineering then accompanies you throughout the entire project and provides end-to-end support as the interface between your IT and your business.

Software Engineering

Three good reasons to bring in a solution engineer

  • minimizes project risk through holistic support on technical and business levels – always with the customer's perspective in mind.
  • allows to intervene quickly and sustainably in the development process, because of proximity to the development team. 
  • guarantees technical excellence by focusing development on the best technical solution for each project