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SHOWCASE Integrations

Our SHOWCASE platform is API-driven!

So not only do we provide you with endpoints through which you can fully control all the features we offer, we additionally connect to your environment as well as your automated administrative tasks – such as uploads, publishing, ticket creation, and more. Our customization team is constantly developing new integrations for your favorite tools – and if we don't have them yet, we'll just develop them for you.

Plug & Play

Our SHOWCASE platform seamlessly integrates with all the major components of your digital ecosystem – to the delight of IT and business, since no proven tools need to be changed.

No maintenance

As a service (SaaS) with more than 99.5% uptime, we take care of all backups, updates as well as maintenance. Our SHOWCASE platform keeps your communication running – always.

RMH MEDIA Employee

Are you looking for a maintenance-free plug&play solution?

Our Customer Success Team is happy to show you how easily SHOWCASE can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software ecosystem.