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Where content is king, there can be no compromises.

You have a specific communication goal? SHOWCASE ensures you get there quickly and efficiently - brand compliant, legally compliant and without complex trainings.

RMH MEDIA Co-Founder
“Anyone who has to create and manage enormous amounts of content these days knows the biggest challenge: "How do I build a digital ecosystem that reliably meets all communicative and administrative requirements?”
Markus Rößler

Is it even possible to meet all communicative and administrative demands with just one content authoring solution?

Questions like this immediately make our brains and fingers tingle. As developers with a strong drive for innovation, we simply cannot help ourselves.

Efficient communication encapsulates much more than just optimized content creation. Content also needs to be managed, disseminated, stored, and reused globally. This is especially important for companies that serve multiple brands and markets.

That's why we designed SHOWCASE from the ground up as an extensible platform for hosting content creation applications - perfectly balancing guidance and governance. The result: a tangible performance boost for every aspect of your content creation pipeline.

For your communication, this means:

Full control with complete flexibility – plus greater productivity and cost efficiency.

Create, Review, Approve, Launch!

Full control with complete flexibility – plus increased productivity and cost efficiency

From now on, it doesn't matter which markets you serve or how complex your communication processes are – we bring more speed, structure, and security to your global content creation pipeline with the simple formula “Create, Review, Approve, Launch”.

High quality content creation

Our powerful open configuration framework can be used for almost any type of digital asset, because it handles content independently of technical environments.

Case in point: Responsive HTML emails are automatically created by our powerful HTML email module, which is based on extensively tested boilerplates. It is continuously updated to follow best practices and implement current technical standards.

Team Corporate Communication
“You focus on creating relevant and timely content - SHOWCASE ensures branding, development, and delivery, as well as legal compliance and content recycling.”
Sabine Mann
Director Corporate Communication

We are happy to demonstrate how SHOWCASE reduces time and costs across all relevant aspects of your communication - from standardization of the entire creation process to faster publication and distribution of your content or communications.

Advantages at a glance

CREATE – Advantages for content creation

  • Optimal collaboration between all participants (global teams, agencies, colleagues)
  • Automation via templates
  • Creative and cultural freedom within global standards
  • Localization functions: automatically replace legal information, logos, footers, and other elements according to local requirements

REVIEW – Administrative and compliance advantages

  • Fine-grained control of access rights or exceptions via role model
  • Predefined global standards and best practice materials

APPROVE – Advantages of the approval process

  • Preapproved content
  • Reduce human error
  • Guaranteed compliance

LAUNCH – Advantages for publishing

  • Minimized production time through automation and approved content
  • Proven faster time to market
Digital Assets

Streamline Digital Asset Creation

Establish global standards, ensure local compliance and radically reduce development costs and time to market for your digital materials with Showcase Platform. Simplify your content creation — use our Showcase Platform today.