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SHOWCASE Modular content

SHOWCASE has been redeveloped from the ground up for Modular Content.

This significantly changes the lifecycle for your content. From now on, pure content can be created, managed, approved and delivered faster, regardless of channel and design - and always in accordance with applicable content rules.

SHOWCASE ensures this with its ModCon engine.

It guarantees that all rules within a module are adhered to by the creator/editor – right down to the smallest communication unit. Only when all images, headlines, claims, copies, etc. follow module rules is the corresponding content released.Pre-released content modules are directly available via Veeva Vault or other asset management systems as long as they support Modular Content.

Additional content presets further facilitate content creation on a day-to-day basis.

Best of all, all of this works for any channel (website, app, email, etc.) and regardless of location or time. That means even quick reuse and localisation of content is now hassle-free.

Why is SHOWCASE a milestone for the life sciences industry?

Content is fluid. This means that approval of the final form for a specific channel is largely obsolete today. SHOWCASE's time savings ensure that up-to-date content can be created quickly and delivered in a legally compliant and brand-compliant manner with the highest possible news value

RMH MEDIA Employee

Ready for channel-agnostic content?

Contact us to learn how SHOWCASE’s modular content engine can significantly accelerate your content utilization.