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We believe that new services should be seamlessly integrated into the digital landscape familiar to the user. That’s why ONE MESSAGE is fully integrated into the Veeva CRM app, a tool sales reps use on a day to day basis. This will not only reduce training and education efforts significantly but it will give you also valuable customer insights and contribute to your analytics.

Upload a zip – thats it!

At its core, the ONE MESSAGE user interface (App) leverages Veeva MyInsights to hook into the existing Veeva CRM application (iOS, Windows, Online). No need to install another application.

Veeva Vault Integration

ONE MESSAGE can make use of Veeva Vault to fully support your individual medical, legal, regulatory approval workflow. Testing content on QA if it is staged? No problem at all! Expiring content automatically in Veeva Vault? ONE MESSAGE will pick it up immediately.

Veeva CRM Integration

  • Reporting events to Veeva Timeline
  • Storing customer date (like linked messaging services) in custom objects
  • Using Veeva objects to store and read consents
  • Reading and writing data to custom objects to emphasize offline use
RMH MEDIA Employee

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