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Enable your sales teams and medical liaison managers to interact with their customers on major instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or LINE. ONE MESSAGE is built from the ground up to support complex regulatory requirements, it will instantly open up a new one-to-one channel for you.

Increase Customer Engagement

Real life evidence has proven instant messaging can increase customer engagement tremendously. With open rates of 75% and click through rates of more than 30% instant messaging is a channel which should not be underestimated. 

Major barriers are taken down as ONE MESSAGE lets your customers choose their preferred messaging app – no need to install an extra app, no technical hurdles, just communication in a close and personal way.

Sebastian Richter – CTO
I was amazed by the numbers during a routine database check on our pilot implementation – they surpassed all our expectations by far.
Sebastian Richter

Become a Pioneer and start with Instant Messaging

Compliant one-to-one messaging with WhatsApp, LINE and more – get in touch on the messaging apps your customers use every day.

ONE MESSAGE Privacy Policy

Ready to open a new channel for your team?

ONE MESSAGE is easy to integrate, simple to use and connects to all relevant instant messaging services. Let's discuss your implementation plan today.

The pandemic has accelerated change

Would you have envisioned that remote and hybrid workplaces would become a new normal due to a global pandemic in just three years? Sure thing – Covid-19 has truly changed everything and some of these things came to stay .

From our perspective Covid-19 has just accelerated a change which started way earlier. This change is not only affecting working environments and the way we are socially connected – it fundamentally impacts how we value communication channels. E-Mail is slow – imagine you would have said that 15 years ago. E-mail was still special then, the channel you used to check-in with friends or partners you made during your student exchange or business trips. Today, things are different – your inbox is flooded with ads, newsletters and bills from your local electricity provider who is now "digital."

But when your smartphone – the most personal computer you own – buzzes with a notification, you instantly check it without thinking. So our question is – is e-mail just postal delivery without felling trees? Does it really matter if you answer or even read your e-mails within the next two business days? Didn't we just ignore the fact that instant messaging has already started to replace e-mails as the preferred digital way to exchange information?

There’s no time to lose! Instant messaging is the most direct and valuable channel you can think of today and enabling your sales teams to engage with their customers through it is a major competitive advantage.

100 Billion
messages per day just on WhatsApp®
98% Opening Rate
for text messages
3.3 Billion
people have used messaging apps in 2021
of people check a text within 5 minutes of receiving it
of people have subscribed to a business in 2022
The pandemic only accelerated a development that had already occurred. The content we send via instant messengers today is more relevant and personal. ONE MESSAGE now makes this personal access compliant and secure for the life sciences industry.
Noel Wack
Director Commercial Operations

Do you want to build a closer relationship with your customers?

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Any doubts? Here's our FAQ.

How do you guarantee consistent quality in different markets?

  • ONE MESSAGE never sends unapproved content! All templates undergo your internal medical, legal and regulatory review process first, before teams can send them out.
  • An intuitive user interface enables content delivery units and marketing teams to build content independently from the target messaging platform.
  • The ONE MESSAGE business rule engine can handle complex settings – e.g. micro-segmentation based on CRM properties. This enables you to setup ONE MESSAGE the way it fits your business and communication strategy.

How can you guarantee to be GDPR-compliant if you are working with e.g. WhatsApp?

ONE MESSAGE is making use of the need-to-know principle – details which are not relevant for delivering messages won't be stored or even processed by us. For other privacy data points such as first and last names, ONE MESSAGE uses a volatile and encrypted caching layer which immediately drops the data once it has been used. Additionally, we ensure that a consent is present before we deliver any message to the target account – this is handled by multiple security gates throughout the system.

Which instant messaging platforms do you support?

We are currently supporting WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Zalo, SMS, KakaoTalk , Apple Business Chat (iMessage) , Facebook Messenger 

How do you handle consents in ONE MESSAGE?

By default ONE MESSAGE stores consents in an encrypted and secure way. It is common to synchronize this data with your CRM system to ensure all account details are available in the same place. 

What is the production state of ONE MESSAGE?

ONE MESSAGE has been heavily tested in over 20 countries including all regions (EMEA, APAC, LATAM and NA) with our pilot client. With 244k delivered message in 2022 we're proud to say that ONE MESSAGE is generally available since February 2023 .

How can I get started with ONE MESSAGE?

We offer different integration levels and are happy to set up your personal integration plan. Request a call today and we'll gladly assist you.

Fair licensing model

Our licensing model is based on MAUs (monthly active users) and a fixed rate per channel.

  • A user is a person or a service who sends or receives messages with ONE MESSAGE.
  • A user is activated when they send their first message. A user is deactivated when they have not sent any messages in three months.
  • A channel is a single phone number or an instant messaging service (WhatsApp, Line, Viber, etc.).

No time-consuming monitoring of the user database needed. Your number of licensed users always corresponds with your actual usage.

Anything missing? We are constantly building new integrations and features – contact us now if you want to have a look at our roadmap.

RMH MEDIA Customer Success

Do you want to learn more about instant messaging with ONE MESSAGE?

Get in touch with our excellent customer success team today and discuss your business needs or simply get a demo of ONE MESSAGE. We're happy to answer your questions.

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