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ONE MESSAGE features out of the box integrations for Veeva Vault and Veeva CRM that can already bring a lot of value while requiring only a minumum of configuration. However, the deeper you integrate ONE MESSAGE into your ecosystems the more insights and benefits you can get out of the channel.

The basic Veeva Vault connection allows to pull approved content from Vault to ONE MESSAGE enabling a seamless content management pipeline. An additional integration into the Veeva CRM would also allow ONE MESSAGE to work offline and synchronize all relevant data with your CRM.

Good to know!
ONE MESSAGE is built with the concept of API first in mind - this means we can easily connect to any kind of third party system. It doesn't matter whether ONE MESSAGE is to be connected to an alternative CRM, or whether an external reporting suite is to be supplied – ONE MESSAGE feels most comfortable when well networked.

RMH MEDIA Employee

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