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Compliant from the beginning

ONE MESSAGE offers a variety of journeys allowing your customers to choose their preferred messenger service. Our flexible customer onboarding process allows you to easily connect your customers to your instant messaging channel via email, text message or QR-code.

For times when face-to-face access to physicians is limited, ONE MESSAGE's traditional onboarding process via email or text messages is especially helpful.

In face-to-face or remote meetings, sales reps can onboard HCPs by having them scan a QR code with their smartphone. QR codes can either be pre-generated and baked into CLM presentations, or can be generated on the fly in the ONE MESSAGE app.

Regardless of entry point, physicians can always choose the messenger they prefer from all available services.

Now your sales team can not only deliver relevant content at the perfect time – but also on the channel your customers prefer.

ONE MESSAGE's integrated consent management ensures in real time that messages can only be sent if a valid consent is in place – giving you more time to focus on actual customer engagement rather than legal and compliance details.

RMH MEDIA Employee

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