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ONE MESSAGE allows easy onboarding of new physicians via different channels. But our real-time consent management can do a lot more than just storing opt-ins in your CRM. ONE MESSAGE validates each instant messaging consent in real time before sending out content. So, even if you schedule a message for later or queue it in offline situations, ONE MESSAGE will ensure that the mandatory consent is still valid at the time of delivery.

React on opt-outs in real-time

Because ONE MESSAGE communicates with instant messaging services in real time, it notifies you instantly of blocks and opt-outs. This allows your field force to react immediately and appropriately.

Gather additional consents

ONE MESSAGE does not only gather consents required for instant messaging services – it also supports a wide range of additional consent-types like email consents and mobile consents. This makes it easy to let ONE MESSAGE gather multiple consents in just one shot.

Write data back into your CRM

Consents need to be stored next to your customer data. Our integrations (e.g. Veeva CRM) can handle that for you and synchronize data in real time.

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