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We believe that new services should be seamlessly integrated into the digital landscape familiar to the user. That’s why ONE MESSAGE is fully integrated into your Veeva CRM app, the tool sales reps use on a day to day basis. This reduces training and education efforts significantly and contributes to a higher user acceptance which is crucial for a successful adaptation of a new channel.

The in-app tour showcases all important features and even allows untrained users to successfully send messages. ONE MESSAGE even helps you increasing your engagement performance by sending your content at the perfect time with scheduled messaging. The user interface will make your sales teams aware of local office hours and help them determine the right time to send your content. Find out where ONE MESSAGE can help you to bring your customer engagement activities to the next level and request a demo.

Personalize content with tokens

Content creators can make use of special tokens inside their content to enable personalization of the content. To keep creating content as convenient as possible, we are using the same Content Tokens as Veeva does, so nothing is required to master.

Helping hand for users

A user interface should not only provide access to technology – it should also guide users unobstrusively – this is where UX starts to feel good. ONE MESSAGE for instance lets user know the business hours of their contacts  so they can simply schedule the message.

RMH MEDIA Employee

Want to learn more about ONE MESSAGE's user interface?

Lets schedule a demo today and check out how simple it is to send your first message in ONE MESSAGE.