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Donation drive Trees for Insul

Please use the following account details for donations:
Verbandsgemeinde Adenau
Baumspende für Insul
DE18 5775 1310 0000 1000 24

July 14th 2023

Remembrance day of the Ahr valley flood

Today marks two years since the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley. Residents have reconstructed many of their affected communities – by themselves, and with the help of volunteers and broad societal support.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do. We want to continue to help the residents to make their homes livable and lovable again. 💚

We would like to remind you of our donation drive Trees for Insul. Become a FRESH AIR or SHADE DONOR, and even make a small contribution to climate protection.

The donation box with the account details can be found at the top of this page.

December 19th 2022

🎄 Trees for Insul 🌳

For Christmas, we want to help fulfill the Insul residents' wish for tree donations – because the floods did not stop at Insul's tree population.

Trees are wonderfully useful neighbors:

🧹 They clean the air and protect the soil from erosion with their roots.

🐿 For animals, they are home and food source in one.

🏡 In the village, they play a major role in growing up, especially for children - as a hiding place when playing hide-and-seek, as a scaffold for the tire swing, or as the foundation for the tree house that mom and dad built themselves and that becomes an impregnable fortress when you pull up the rope ladder.

Please help us to give the children in Insul back their green spaces for development.

The donation box with the account details can be found at the top of this page.

September 10th 2022

Donation drive: Trees for Insul

The flood also cut down Insul's tree population. Insul's local community is now collecting donations for the reforestation of their village. We at RMH MEDIA are helping with our creative department by donating two large poster rollups including a donation box to draw attention to the fundraising campaign.

Please help us to reforest Insul! Every euro spent on trees makes the air a little fresher, heads cooler, and provides refuge for returning animals.

July 14th 2022

One-year anniversary of the disastrous flood 

One year ago today, the Ahr Valley was hit by a 100-year flood. Since then, we and other companies have been helping residents rebuild their homes and make their homes livable and lovable again.

We deviated from the original plan to donate a swing for the playground in #Insul because the community successfully signed up for a fundraising campaign by Radio @rpr1. Radio @rpr1 is funding the entire playground including construction – what a great campaign!

Instead, we will help with the construction of a sports field for the town's youth. We already have creative ideas on how to design this space, but are still in consultation with the municipality on what equipment the young people would specifically like to see.

We would also like to remind you about our ongoing fundraising campaign. Money and physical help are still needed one year after the flood. Under the following links you will find very well structured information about HOW and WHERE you can donate.

February 2022


A wonderful thank you note from the "Wibbelstätz" kids in Hönningen"

A Smile for the Children of Hönningen" – that was the idea, and that was our original goal when we sent more than 75 surprise gifts last year. And the children gave us lots of smiles back, along with an enchanting thank-you card they made!

Of course, our favourite is probably the cheerful unicorn-carrot pointing onwards and upwards, leading the way into the future.

We also found the quote by Astrid Lindgren quite moving. It's not only an inspiring sentiment, it also motivates us to shape our future together in the most positive way – so that one smile turns into many more.

January 2022


All Playground Presents successfully sold! We are thrilled about the positive feedback our campaign to help rebuild the playground in Insul received. We are even happier that so many of you chose to support Mareike Keuler’s initiative. All of our Playground Presents were sold by the end of year, bringing in €9500 for the worthy cause.

Of course, you can still make a contribution. Click on the “How can I help?” button to donate to the project.

December 2021


"Eat your smile!"

We would have loved to surprise the children in Hönningen by bringing our 75 gifts in person. Together with the makers of "Pancake Portraits", we wanted to put a smile on their faces and some delicious organic pancakes in their bellies. Unfortunately, it became clear in early December that due the Coronavirus restrictions it would not be possible to hold the event as planned on December 15. As much as we would have liked to deliver the packages in person, the safety and health of the children and their families come first! That's why the packages will now be sent by courier.

November 2021


We purchased 75 Playground Presents from Mareike Keuler

– that means each of our employees has the opportunity to take part! Of course, we also hope many others will make a donation to the project. In addition, we are currently discussing how we can support the construction of the new playground. More information will be coming soon.

Choosing the site for the new playground

A citizen committee is currently looking for a suitable site for the new playground – one that can't be destroyed again in case of another flood. We are excitedly looking forward to learning the new location!

Mission: Swing set

We want children to be able to swing high and carefree at the new playground. But of course, not all swings are the same – which is why we've been researching the industry standards for public play areas. One very special type of swing immediately caught our eye. It not only complies with the DIN EN 1176 standard, it's also suitable for kids with special needs. More information will be coming soon.


We're wrapping 75 presents!

All 75 of our employees have received a Playground Present from Insul. Now we are busy writing personal gift cards to the kids. As soon as the cuddly "Worry Eaters" have arrived, we'll add them and then wrap each of the 75 packages. After that we will figure out the best way to bring the presents to the children.

Fantastic assistance in the form of Sorgenfresser from Schmidt Spiele!

Because we place a priority on conservation and sustainability, we asked Schmidt Spiele (the company who makes and distributes the dolls) not to package each of the Sorgenfresser individually. They not only complied with our request, but even gave us a huge discount for the Worry Eaters. Many thanks to Schmidt Spiele for their generous contribution!